Business owners in today’s competitive climate have no choice but to keep up with constant technological advances in Internet marketing strategies. Creating a static web page is not enough to compete, regardless of industry. Many small business owners think they can save money by designing their own site with a plug and play format and forget about it. They fail to realize the importance of developing a sound marketing strategy that will reach their target audience and help them meet their sales goals. You do not want to make this mistake when your website plays such an important role in representing your company to potential customers. 

Website design Melbourne provider NetBlots can help. Our talented team of web designers is dedicated to providing our clients with comprehensive and customized online marketing solutions that work.

An effective marketing plan is just as important for traditional brick and mortar companies as it is for retailers who deal exclusively online. NetBlots understands the needs of both and provides web design in Melbourne 

We employ superior search engine optimization strategizes customized for each client’s specific needs. We tailor strategies accordingly and ensure every part of the website is functioning properly before releasing it to the public for use. 

We prefer to think of our clients as partners and welcome their input as we develop strategies together. Our involvement goes way beyond simply building an attractive website with eye catching graphic design. We study the mission statement and provide applications that put our clients ahead of their fiercest competition. 

Our team can help your company with creating mobile websites and effective search engine optimization. Our skilled web designers provide solutions that allow our clients to shine regardless of industry. 

Our web design Melbourne services include employee training on website updates. This gives you control to announce a new product, run an online promotion or highlight a service whenever you see fit. We do not leave our partners to struggle with trial and error on their own. We are there every step of the way.

We are committed to providing the best service because your success is our success. We are available anytime of the day or night to answer questions, offer suggestions and solve problems. We deliver comprehensive reports to our clients on a regular basis listing the number of visitors, page views and length of time each visitor stayed on any given page. With this information, we can adjust your internet marketing strategies as necessary. Any new site requires fine-tuning periodically to gain maximum exposure and attract traffic that results in sales. 

Never do business with a company that provides every client they have with the same basic web format and considers that good enough. Regardless of what you are selling, your strategies should be unique and tailored to your specific needs. The experts at NetBlots provide a customized online presentation that will put you a level above your closest competitors. Contact our online experts and review your options for website design and Internet strategies that will raise your online marketing efforts to a new level.
The success of your business is largely dependent on the small business online marketing strategy that you decide to use. It is important for you to ensure that your business website is professional, engaging and relevant to the type of services and products that your business offers. This will create powerful impressions with potential clients and other players in the industry. For people to find your business on the internet, it is important that you understand their needs and expectations. Your home page should be designed to persuade clients the moment they open your website. 

1. Effective Search Engine Optimization

The home page of your website should be optimized for search engines. This will make it easy for major search engines to find your site and rank it appropriately. When your site has a high ranking, more internet users will visit your website when they make a keyword search using any search engine. Increased traffic to your site will lead to higher sales and more revenue for your business. 

2. A Customer-Oriented Home Page

When designing your home page and creating content to publish on it, you should always have the expectations of the customer in mind. The language should be professional and should be easy for the customer to understand. Understanding the needs of your customers is the key to having a brilliant home page. You may also consider professional copywriting for high quality content. All said and done, a home page should be all about your customers and not about you.

3. Professional and Creative Web Design

In order to succeed in small business marketing on the internet, you must work with professional web designers who can capture your vision and bring it to life. The design and layout of your home page should be appealing to internet users. It should create a good first impression because this always determines whether a customer navigates away from your site or stays on your website to check out what you have to offer. 

4. Easy Navigation and User Friendly Interface

Your website should be easy to navigate. All the links on your website should be displayed clearly and arranged neatly. When creating your website's interface, you should have the customer in mind. 

5. Attractive Headers

Part of your marketing strategy should be to cultivate interest and draw attention. One of the most effective ways of doing this is to use attention grabbing headers on your home page. 

6. Attractive and Relevant Images

Apart from helping with your SEO strategies and creating a visual appeal, images can also help you to generate a lot of traffic. Add captions, tags and resize images to reduce loading times. When editing images, it is important to ensure that they retain their original quality.

7. Meaningful Web Copy

Search engines and customers love web copy that is of the highest quality. Therefore, you must post relevant information to your website to boost your authority and credibility on the matter. 

8. Unbeatable Unique selling points (USP)

A USP sets you apart from your competitors. Potential customers want to know why they should buy from you and not other companies. The more benefits you offer, the more valuable your website will be to them. 

9. Walk the Talk

You need to be authoritative in your product niche. Offering the best products is just the first step. It is important that you establish validity in everything you that you claim. For instance, if you claim to offer the most affordable products and services, you should sell your products at discounted prices. 

10. Call to Action

Your conversion rates will be determined by your call to action. Ask visitors to your website to subscribe, sign-up, download something or buy an item. Be direct, motivational, compelling and clear in your call. 

All said and done, your home page should be able to convince potential clients to buy what they need from your website.
In the past, when you needed a Melbourne graphic design studio, all you did was just to choose from a wide array of graphic design studios in Melbourne. Today, the scenario is totally different. It is not as simple as searching online for the right Melbourne web design company. If you are engaged in a business that heavily relies on lead generation and inbound marketing, then you need to hire someone who can do that particular job for you. What you truly need is a consultant whose experience and skills in online marketing strategies can propel your business towards bigger success. 
NetBlots is a unique onine marketing agency. It is both a graphic design studio and a website. NetBlots boasts of a huge portfolio of diverse and totally satisfied clientele. Leveraging optimization, web design, and updated online marketing strategies, NetBlots’ role as a design studio Melbourne and consultant can fully address your business needs. Catering to both small and large companies in Australia, NetBlots provides various services like marketing, website optimization, and web and graphic design. 
Having NetBlots by your side, you are assured that your business is in good hands. NetBlots’ reputation is far-reaching. It has helped thousands of businesses and other kinds of companies in and out of the country. On top of that, it utilizes dynamic and modern web layouts and designs. 
With the advent of personal and mobile computing, many websites now offer interactive, dynamic online experiences for their clients. According to a research conducted by Forrester Research Inc. published in March 2012, web browsing has become more dynamic due to several forces. The research, entitled “A Tidal Wave of Dynamic Web Content is Coming – How Will You Respond,” pointed out social media, tablets, smartphones, and cloud computing as the major forces that make web browsing more interactive and dynamic for people. In addition, the said paper also estimated that in 2014, traditional web design will no longer be popular as dynamic website will become more popular. Thus, many websites which cannot adapt will lose their competitive edge to those sites which are socially driven. 
But with the help of NetBlots’ web designers, you are assured that your website remains highly competitive. With so many firms and studios that offer web design services, only NetBlots can give you more than ordinary design but also a complete package of online marketing strategies and interactive and modern website design. Primarily known for graphic and website designs, NetBlots also offer content optimization, content strategy, and content delivery. Only one online marketing agency, NetBlots, can give you all these to help propel your online business into greater heights. 
When it comes to marketing, only NetBlots can leverage your site’s core competencies. With NetBlots effective online marketing strategies, you can give more attention to your business and your clients. Only NetBlots can pave the way for your success. As you focus on developing your website, NetBlots can help you enhance your website’s overall graphic design by optimizing your content and improving your online marketing strategies.
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-Small business marketing

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